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    Can't get Local EJB 2.1 calls to work

    E G Newbie

      I am using jboss 4.2.0GA and I can't make ejb2.1 local calls to work.

      For local calls I mean calls between EJB in the same EAR and EJB in different EAR.

      My ear-reployer.xml configuration is as follows:


      My jboss-service.xml configuration is as follows:


      and the error that I get most of times is "invalid deployment".
      The local calls shoudl work because all these ejb's are in the same JVM, so I can't figure out what I am missing.

      Unfortunately, I need to keep this configuration because it's equal to the production environment. So I have to get local calls work without changing it.

      Can you help me ?