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    MQSeries with JBoss

    as a Newbie

      I am new to ejb / jboss.

      Will appretiate your help considerably.
      I am trying to create a simple Message Driven Bean test, that connects to MQSeries queue.
      Currently i have a simple java class that is able to connect and read a message.
      What I dont understand is what files / descriptors i need to make: jboss.xml, application.xml, ejb-jar.xml etc
      And what should be put into them

      I am using ejb3 and Intellij IDEA.
      So far it wont recognize ejb-jar tag in the xml.

      I created a class and annotated it with @MessageDriven
      But jboss.xml wont recognize my ejb-name value.

      I can seem to find any step by step simple tutorial or explanation f how to handle this.

      Please any help.