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    AJAX4JSF and Shale 1.0.4

    Todd Bush Newbie


      This is a topic I've discussed on other forums and wanted to add it here since this is A4J's new crib.

      Coupling A4J along with Shale 1.0.4 breaks the A4J, attempting an AJAX results in a java script error "A4J is undefined". Doing some investigation into the issue I've found AjaxContext.procesHeadResources runs correctly and places the appropriate script entry into the requestMap. When BaseXMLFilter tries to pull out the Set of scripts from request.getAttribute to add to the scripts to the parser, null is returned from the request. So, the .js references are never added to the outgoing page. For more information in this issue, please see the link below.

      A4J does work with Shale 1.0.3.