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    @Service EJB with lifecycle management and significant descr

    Stefan Milde Newbie


      I'm using JBoss 4.2.3, WinXP, java 1.6.0_10

      I wrote a service (using the @Service annotation) and used same SessionBeans in it.
      It works fine. All is in my EAR and I can manage the service from the JMX-Console. The access to the SessionBeans is very easy with the @EJB annotation.
      I need no seperate SAR (like in the past). Thats greate.

      But the descriptions in the JMX-console are default values and no significant descriptions.

      I found a solution (see below) how to set the descriptions. The settings of the descriptions are in the ...xmBean file. It works fine, but then there is no lifecycle management anymore.

      @Service(objectName = "MyApplication:service=MyNewService"
      , xmbean = "resource:META-INF/myService-xmBean.xml")

      I can use the @Management annotation OR the xmBean description. Not both.

      Has anybody an idea how I can use both, lifecycle management AND significant description in the JMX-console?

      Thanks in advance,