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    AS400 System -> JBoss -4.0.3-> EJB + MQ Connectivity

    Chetan Aggarwal Newbie


      I am facing following problem. Please help

      We have AS400 Systems on which we have deployed JBoss-4.0.3 servers. We have a EJB 2.0 Stateless session bean deployed. StatelessSessionBean gets Websphere MQ Connection as resource reference.

      Now at one point of time on server startup, we have 25 session beans in session pool and corresponding 25 MQ connections are open.

      Due to network glitch, MQ connectivitiy is lost or MQ server goes down and comes back on. But it leaves session bean's MQ Connections as stale connections. From that point onwards, none of stateless session bean is able to send messages using MQ connections unless we restart whole jboss server.

      We have constrained on restarting JBoss servers on AS400 systems.

      Is there a better auto-recovery option available? Please suggest ways to recover EJBs from MQ glitch without restarting whole jboss servers.

      Thanks and Regards