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    Issue Using JAAS with Ajax4JSF

    Varun Rao Newbie

      I am not sure if someone else is having this problem, but seems to be quite frustrating.
      I am using JAAS authentication for the application.
      I have a Ajax4JSF enabled page which needs authentication to be viewed.
      My URL looks like this:

      This is a tiles page where the body has Ajax4JSF tags and looks like this:
      <a4j:outputPanel ajaxRendered="true" id="ajaxOutputPanal">
      <h:inputTextarea rows="5" cols="30" id="status"
      <a4j:commandLink ajaxSingle="true" reRender="ajaxOutputPanal" value="Reload"/>

      When i hit this URL directly it rediects me back to the "Login" page using JAAS authentication.

      However, after the authentication is successful it does not take me to the Actual page, but throws me this this URL, which shows a lot of Javascript.


      Seems like j_security does not understand the page it has to go to. This works fine for pages with no Ajax4JSF tags.

      Please help...!!