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    String in DTO strangely truncated upon EJB call return

    Louis Kwan Newbie

      I am having a puzzling problem where the returned DTO object has its String field truncated as an empty String.

      This problem only occurs when the returning String is sufficiently large (>30kb). I've used the eclipse debugger to trace through the code. The DTO is intact until it reaches the other end. The String has become an empty String when it reaches the client side.

      The client of the EJB lives in a WAR in the "deploy" directory. The WAR itself contains the xforms implementation - Orbeon 3.71. The EJB3 call is made within the same instance of JBOSS (4.03SP).

      I am not sure if this is caused by the client classes (the DTO interface) being garbage collected before the call finished.

      Any clues ? Any help / suggestion is much appreciated =)