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    Port for proxy list

    Sanne Grinovero Master

      Hi all,
      I'm going to try configuring mod_cluster on Amazon's EC2, so without multicast.
      I've been following Bob McWhirter's excellent guide, but I'm confused about the application-server side configuration to set the balancers.

      <!-- Comma separated list of address:port listing the httpd servers where mod_cluster is running. -->
      <property name="proxyList">${jboss.modcluster.proxyList}</property>

      Could you please show me how to set this option? I am wondering which port I have to set.
      Is the mod_cluster enabled httpd opening an additional port for this bidirectional communication? or is it just port 80?
      I couldn't find anything about it, the documentation I've found is showing only multicast-enabled examples.

      thanks in advance