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    Load balancer other than Apache/mod_jk

    Bruno Melloni Newbie

      The configuration guide mentions that for HTTP we need to use an external load balancer with sticky sessions. It gives good information on how to use Apache server with mod_jk, and - key point - how to configure jBoss to properly communicate with mod_jk.

      If a clustered jBoss needs to be configured to talk to mod_jk, it would seem that we have to do 'some configuration' when using something else for load balancing (i.e.: cisco router or a specialized load balancer).

      If no configuration is needed in jBoss for 'other' load balancers, please mention it and ignore the following questions:

      Can someone point me to a document that describes how to configure jBoss (we am using 4.3EAP) for *other* load balancers?

      If such a document does not exist, could you explain how to interpret section 16.5 of the config guide when using a load balancer other than mod_jk?