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    deregistering from mod_cluster-manager

    Sanne Grinovero Master

      I'm using the setup from oddthesis's AMI on EC2, deploying without clustering JBoss but using mod_cluster to load balance the application servers (the provided service doesn't need sessions or replicated caches).

      I'm using 2 loadbalancers and a variable number of AS machines, and am having two related problems:

      1) when I shutdown a machine and I look into (loadbalancer)/manager
      the VirtualHost information disappears properly, but the information about the machine stays. The machine is shut down. I hope the load balancer will properly "forget" about the machine?

      2) If I try to click on "Enable Context" or "Disable Context" sometimes it crashes. I've seen a segfault in apache's logs. Is there anyway I could collect more information to help debugging this? I'm willing to read and debug Java code but a total noob on C code.

      Anyway I'm impressed, this project is extremely useful and thank you very much.
      This are the relevant installed packages:

      modcluster.x86_64 0.15.0-6.fc10 fedora
      mod_cluster.x86_64 1.0.0.CR2-1 installed
      jboss-as5-cloud-mod_cluster.noarch 1.0.0.CR1-1 oddthesis-noarch
      httpd.x86_64 2.2.11-2.fc10 installed
      ( I got them from the AMI posted at http://oddthesis.org/posts/2009-05-fancy-new-stuff-in-jboss-cloud )