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    mod_cluster, Virtual  Hosts, Root on EC2/JBoss Cloud 1.0.0b4

    Nicolas Doye Newbie

      Does mod_cluster and Named Virtual Hosts work?

      I've assumed that mod_cluster works by "magic" :-)

      On the back-end I have
      # Comma-separated list of address:port for mod_cluster front-end proxies

      (Note - I didn't put a port the end of the fron-end-ip)

      On the front end, I've turned NamedVirtualHosts on, and have /etc/httpd/conf.d/v_vhost_name.conf

      <VirtualHost *:80>
      ServerName <v_host_name>

      ManagerBalancerName mycluster
      ServerAdvertise off

      <Proxy *>

      ErrorLog logs/<vhost_name>.error_log
      CustomLog logs/<vhost_name>.access_log common

      I know that the front-end is using this virtual host because of the logs, and on the back end I know I've got virtual hosts working in JBoss 5.0.1 on the back end (checked using telnet).

      But - proxying isn't working. 404s from the front end for everything (except an empty FancyIndex for /). I take it mod_cluster doesn't work automagically and I've missed something?