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    apache segfault on Enable/Disable contexts

    Chris Durham Newbie


      We just starting to make use of mod_cluster as an experiment to see if we can simplify our production environment.

      Currently we are using mod_cluster 1.0.1GA, a custom built Apache 2.2.11 on CentOS5 (virtualised under XenServer) to talk to a number (between 1 and 6) of Jboss 4 nodes running our web application.

      Long term we will move to Jboss5, but current Cache and AOP dependencies make that a project in its own right.

      Once we get to over 2 nodes, we invariably find that clicking on the Enable/Disable contexts button on mod_cluster-manager causes an apache segfault.

      [notice] child pid 15229 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

      Is this a known issue, is there anything we can do to help debug the cause?