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    How to balance a default context?

    Jeff Cybulski Newbie

      I am experimenting with JBoss-Cloud on Amazon's EC2, which uses mod_cluster for load balancing.

      I have deployed Liferay under the context /liferay. However, I would like the load balancer to use the URL www.mycompany.com and not www.mycompany.com/liferay

      Thus far, I've been unsuccessful at modifying the context withing JBoss AS 5.1 (ROOT.war, default context, etc..) and getting it to register and work with mod_cluster. Likewise, I've been unsuccessful trying to get HTTPD to do an "alias" that appends the /liferay to the default domain URL (a redirect/alias is highly undesirable, the preference is to not have the context visible at all in the URL).

      Any suggestions?