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    Initial Design Statement

    Adrian Brock Master

      The aim of the web profile prototype is to create a configuration
      that will eventually morph into the JavaEE6 Web Profile once those requirements
      have been decided by the spec committee.

      For now we will take a minimalist approach. The initial idea is to create
      a configuration that has:

      * Core JBoss MC kernel
      * JMX management
      * JBoss Web (Tomcat)
      * Security
      * JPA (Hibernate) + DataSource
      * No ports open except the servlet container, i.e. no remote jndi, jmx or user transaction, etc.

      Additional optional configurations should be easy to configure/enable:

      * JTA - For User Transactions in web apps and transactional datasources
      * Session clustering

      Of course, other features should be easily configurable by copying them
      from the default or all configuration.