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    JBoss Web Stand-alone

    Carlo de Wolf Master

      In similar vain to JBoss Web Profile we're going to create a JBoss Web Stand-alone.

      Whereas Web Profile is a top-down approach, we'll create Web Stand-alone as a bottom-up, by taking the latest Bootstrap and define a dedicated web bootstrap on top of it.
      The big difference will then be that it'll not the Profile Service will not be running and thus not be managing a web profile.

      The code stemming from this effort should be a stand-alone integration implementation of Tomcat and VDF usable in AS, Embedded and other runtimes based on Bootstrap.

      First we need to uniquely name this component and find a place in subversion (/ Jira).
      I don't think it should be under http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/jbossweb, because that would exceed the mandate of that repo.
      It should also not be put under Reloaded, because it's going to be the actual integration implementation and not a definition.
      I would rather see it as a new project in the jbossas repo, which only leaves the name question.

      Second I want the build structure in the same way as MC (one version for all components). Although the versioning scheme of EJB3 (version per component) has the advantage of more maturity of the components, it's a hassle to keep track of.