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    Tomcat build in Apache (with jboss)?

    Randy Kemp Newbie

      I looked into the article that Marc mentioned about Jboss, and I found another article by the same author at http://www.linuxdevices.com/articles/AT7102892618. The article says this
      Apache 2.0 -- This is still in alpha now, with beta and final releases due at monthly intervals. It is faster and runs on more operating systems with the same level of stability as on Unix, and also supports dynamically loadable modules better. The Tomcat Java engine is built-in, enabling Apache to natively run Java Servlets and Java Server Pages.

      Does that mean that the Tomcat engine is part of the Apache download? And if so, does that make it any easier to integrate Apache, Jboss, and Tomcat? Any thoughts out there?

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          Jules Gosnell Novice

          off the top of my head:

          Assuming Apache 4 is still written in C and TomCat written in Java, and builtin means running in the same process, then I figure this means that the Apache guys are running Apache in the same process as a VM. You will have to get JBoss into this VM somehow.

          Hopefully that Apache guys will allow the user to configure exactly what runs in this VM, in which case you might just be able to run JBoss/Tomcat or JBoss/Jetty in it.

          If the integration is tighter and incoming requests to Apache are actually being bundled into some sort of structure and being passed through the JNI barrier directly to some subinterface of TomCat (i.e. not as an HTTP stream), which is less likely, things could be a little more awkward.

          Or, I may have lost the plot completely......


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            Jules Gosnell Novice

            I just read a little deeper about the apache/tomcat integration.

            Where I suugested that the across-the-wire protocol between apache and tomcat processes was HTTP, I was making assumptions.

            It appears to be something else, implemented by mod_jk.

            My point still stands though. Now that both processes are running in the same VM, they can either use the same across-the-wire protocol to connect them, or they can tighten the coupling by having Apache actually call into TomCat through the JNI barrier.


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              marc fleury Master

              You know what I think about the issue jules, that we should get the Jetty stuff really well integrated with JBoss and move ahead. We have been waiting for the tomcat guys for way too long and they are not as fast as you guys are.

              So you know let's just do it

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                Jules Gosnell Novice


                The package name issue still seems to be up in the air from where I am standing. I thought it was nailed down but then...

                If you and Greg can agree on exactly what is going on here I shall start work.

                Aside from that, how do you like RC8 ? I reckon it screams. JBoss.org seems really fast today... - Have you any further outstanding problems with the site that I can chase up, or has RC8 taken care of them all ?


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                  sandy Newbie

                  m a novice here .. but plz let me know of 2 things
                  1) i have heard the out process execution is slower then the in process. Plz elaborate in respect of using apache + tomcat.

                  2) I also feel that all these servers should be combined to get a better performance.

                  plz suggest some links to get more info about this.,