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    bug in tomcat session timeout

    Christian Bourque Newbie

      Is there a bug in tomcat session timeout ?

      My current session timeout is set to 900 sec. (15 min.) but I still have active sessions after 2 and 3 hours ! Is this a normal behavior ????

      I have a Controller class (which implements HttpSessionBindingListener) that is put into each new session but for some session valueUnbound() is never called (even after many hours) ? Why ?

      I'm currently using JBoss 2.4.0 w/ Tomcat 3.2.3

      If someone has any idea I would really appreciate !

      Thanks !


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          Andreas Schouten Newbie

          We use the same tomcat version and HttpSessionBindingListener works fine.

          public void valueBound(HttpSessionBindingEvent event) {
          System.out.println("instance of "+eacm_class+" bound to HttpSession.");

          public void valueUnbound(HttpSessionBindingEvent event) {
          try {
          di.remove(); //remove the stateful session bean
          } catch (Exception ex) {
          System.out.println("instance of "+eacm_class+" unbound from HttpSession.");

          Have You add Your controler class with
          session.addAttribute("a controler", controler)
          as a session attribute?

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            Christian Bourque Newbie

            Yes for each new session I add one controller instance using session.setAttribute("a controller", controller) !

            Like I said in my first message most of the time it works just fine but it happens that some sessions stays bounded forever (unbound is never called even after a long period of time)...