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    How to deploy servlets and jsp in Jetty-joss

    Penn Ben Newbie

      How to deploy Servlets, jsp, or / and as a web application in Jetty-jboss env? I searched a lot of places but i can not find a document dedicated to such installation instruction.

      Any help is appreciated.


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          Jules Gosnell Novice

          1. package them into a WAR - look on the web if you don't know what a WAR is.

          2. If you have EJBs to deploy with the webapp, package these into a JAR and put the WAR and JAR into an EAR - once again, you'll find stuff on the web about this.

          3. Either: copy the EAR or WAR into jboss/deploy or hit http:localhost:8082, find the J2EEDeployer entry and call it's deploy method with file:/your-WAR-or_EAR-here
          (You'll need JBoss running at this stage).

          Good luck,