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    jboss-jetty     http://localhost:8080/jboss/ ....not working

    Aqil Newbie

      i'm following
      r working fine but
      is NOT working......is there any problem with my jboss startup ??????????????
      ===============Command Prompt=============

      Microsoft Windows 2000 [Version 5.00.2195]
      (C) Copyright 1985-2000 Microsoft Corp.

      C:\>cd C:\Jetty\JBossJetty\jboss\bin

      C:\Jetty\JBossJetty\jboss\bin>run jetty
      jboss.home = C:\Jetty\JBossJetty\jboss
      Using JAAS LoginConfig: file:/C:/Jetty/JBossJetty/jboss/conf/jetty/auth.conf
      Using configuration "jetty"
      [Info] Java version: 1.3.0,Sun Microsystems Inc.
      [Info] Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM 1.3.0-C,Sun Microsystems Inc.
      [Info] System: Windows 2000 5.0,x86
      [Shutdown] Shutdown hook added
      [Service Control] Registered with server
      [Jetty] JBoss and Jetty Log models connected
      [Jetty] setConfiguration() is deprecated - use addConfiguration()
      [Jetty] adding Configuration file:../conf/jetty/jetty.xml
      [Service Control] Initializing 27 MBeans
      [Webserver] Initializing
      [Webserver] Initialized
      [Naming] Initializing
      [Naming] Initialized
      [JNDIView] Initializing
      [JNDIView] Initialized
      [Transaction manager] Initializing
      [Transaction manager] Initialized
      [JAAS Security Manager] Initializing
      [JAAS Security Manager] Initialized
      [JDBC provider] Initializing
      [JDBC provider] Loaded JDBC-driver:org.hsql.jdbcDriver
      [JDBC provider] Loaded JDBC-driver:org.enhydra.instantdb.jdbc.idbDriver
      [JDBC provider] Initialized
      [Hypersonic] Initializing
      [Hypersonic] Initialized
      [InstantDB] Initializing
      [InstantDB] Initialized
      [DefaultDS] Initializing
      [DefaultDS] Initialized
      [Container factory] Initializing
      [Container factory] Initialized
      [JBossMQ] Initializing
      [JBossMQ] Initialized
      [DefaultJMSProvider] Initializing
      [DefaultJMSProvider] Initialized
      [StdJMSPool] Initializing
      [StdJMSPool] Initialized
      [J2EE Deployer Default] Initializing
      [J2EE Deployer Default] Initialized
      [Auto deploy] Initializing
      [Auto deploy] Initialized
      [RARDeployer] Initializing
      [RARDeployer] Initialized
      [ConnectionManagerFactoryLoader] Initializing
      [MinervaNoTransCMFactory] Initialized
      [ConnectionManagerFactoryLoader] Initializing
      [MinervaSharedLocalCMFactory] Initialized
      [ConnectionManagerFactoryLoader] Initializing
      [MinervaXACMFactory] Initialized
      [ConnectionFactoryLoader] Initializing
      [BlackBoxDS] Initialized
      [JMX RMI Adaptor] Initializing
      [JMX RMI Adaptor] Initialized
      [JMX RMI Connector] Initializing
      [JMX RMI Connector] Initialized
      [Mail Service] Initializing
      [Mail Service] Initialized
      [Jetty] Initializing
      [Jetty] successfully loaded properties
      [Jetty] setting jettyHome to C:\Jetty\JBossJetty\jetty
      [Jetty] setting webDefault to C:\Jetty\JBossJetty\jetty/etc/webdefault.xml
      [Jetty] Jetty instantiated and initialised
      [Jetty] Registered com.mortbay.Jetty:name=Jetty,Jetty=0
      [Jetty] Checking Resource aliases
      [Jetty] Registered com.mortbay.Jetty:name=Jetty,Jetty=0,SocketListener=0
      [Jetty] Registered com.mortbay.Jetty:name=Jetty,Jetty=0,context=/jetty,WebApplic
      [Jetty] Web Application WebApplicationContext[/jetty,C:\Jetty\JBossJetty\jetty/w
      ebapps/jetty] added
      [Jetty] Registered com.mortbay.Jetty:name=Jetty,Jetty=0,context=/demo,ServletHan
      [Jetty] Registered com.mortbay.Jetty:name=Jetty,Jetty=0,context=/javadoc,Servlet
      [Jetty] Registered com.mortbay.Jetty:name=Jetty,Jetty=0,context=/cgi-bin,Servlet
      [Jetty] Registered com.mortbay.Jetty:name=Jetty,Jetty=0,context=/,ServletHandler
      [Jetty] Initialized
      [Service Control] Initialized 27 services
      [Service Control] Starting 34 MBeans
      [Webserver] Starting
      [Webserver] Codebase set to http://aqil:8083/
      [Webserver] Started webserver on port 8083
      [Webserver] Started
      [Naming] Starting
      [Naming] Starting jnp server
      [Naming] Started jnpPort=1099, rmiPort=0, Client SocketFactory=null, Server Sock
      [Naming] Naming started on port 1099
      [Naming] Started
      [JNDIView] Starting
      [JNDIView] Started
      [Transaction manager] Starting
      [Transaction manager] Started
      [JAAS Security Manager] Starting
      [JAAS Security Manager] JAAS.startService, cachePolicy=null
      [JAAS Security Manager] JAAS.startService, SecurityProxyFactory=org.jboss.securi
      [JAAS Security Manager] Started
      [JDBC provider] Starting
      [JDBC provider] Started
      [Hypersonic] Starting
      [Hypersonic] Database started
      [Hypersonic] Started
      [InstantDB] Starting
      [Hypersonic] Server 1.4 is running
      [Hypersonic] Press [Ctrl]+[C] to abort
      [InstantDB] XA Connection pool InstantDB bound to java:/InstantDB
      Enhydra InstantDB - Version 3.26
      [InstantDB] The Initial Developer of the Original Code is Lutris Technologies In
      Portions created by Lutris are Copyright (C) 1997-2001 Lutris Technologies, Inc.

      All Rights Reserved.
      [InstantDB] Started
      [DefaultDS] Starting
      [DefaultDS] XA Connection pool DefaultDS bound to java:/DefaultDS
      [DefaultDS] Started
      [Container factory] Starting
      [Container factory] Started
      [JBossMQ] Starting
      [JBossMQ] Server Version 0.8 Started
      [JBossMQ] Started
      [DefaultJMSProvider] Starting
      [DefaultJMSProvider] JMS provider Adapter DefaultJMSProvider bound to java:/Defa
      [DefaultJMSProvider] Started
      [StdJMSPool] Starting
      [StdJMSPool] JMS provider Adapter StdJMSPool bound to java:/StdJMSPool
      [StdJMSPool] Started
      [J2EE Deployer Default] Starting
      [J2EE Deployer Default] Cleaning up deployment directory
      [J2EE Deployer Default] Started
      [Auto deploy] Starting
      [Auto deploy] Watching C:\Jetty\JBossJetty\jboss\deploy
      [Auto deploy] Started
      [RARDeployer] Starting
      [RARDeployer] Started
      [MinervaNoTransCMFactory] Starting
      [MinervaNoTransCMFactory] Connection manager factory 'MinervaNoTransCMFactory bo
      und to 'java:/MinervaNoTransCMFactory'
      [MinervaNoTransCMFactory] Started
      [MinervaSharedLocalCMFactory] Starting
      [MinervaSharedLocalCMFactory] Connection manager factory 'MinervaSharedLocalCMFa
      ctory bound to 'java:/MinervaSharedLocalCMFactory'
      [MinervaSharedLocalCMFactory] Started
      [MinervaXACMFactory] Starting
      [MinervaXACMFactory] Connection manager factory 'MinervaXACMFactory bound to 'ja
      [MinervaXACMFactory] Started
      [BlackBoxDS] Starting
      [BlackBoxDS] Started
      [JMX RMI Adaptor] Starting
      [JMX RMI Adaptor] Started
      [JMX RMI Connector] Starting
      [JMX RMI Connector] Started
      [Mail Service] Starting
      [Mail Service] DEBUG: not loading system providers in <java.home>/lib
      [Mail Service] DEBUG: not loading optional custom providers file: /META-INF/java
      [Mail Service] DEBUG: successfully loaded default providers
      [Mail Service]
      DEBUG: Tables of loaded providers
      [Mail Service] DEBUG: Providers Listed By Class Name: {com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPTra
      nsport=javax.mail.Provider[TRANSPORT,smtp,com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPTransport,Sun Mi
      crosystems, Inc], com.sun.mail.imap.IMAPStore=javax.mail.Provider[STORE,imap,com
      .sun.mail.imap.IMAPStore,Sun Microsystems, Inc], com.sun.mail.pop3.POP3Store=jav
      ax.mail.Provider[STORE,pop3,com.sun.mail.pop3.POP3Store,Sun Microsystems, Inc]}
      [Mail Service] DEBUG: Providers Listed By Protocol: {imap=javax.mail.Provider[ST
      ORE,imap,com.sun.mail.imap.IMAPStore,Sun Microsystems, Inc], pop3=javax.mail.Pro
      vider[STORE,pop3,com.sun.mail.pop3.POP3Store,Sun Microsystems, Inc], smtp=javax.
      mail.Provider[TRANSPORT,smtp,com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPTransport,Sun Microsystems, I
      [Mail Service] DEBUG: not loading optional address map file: /META-INF/javamail.
      [Mail Service] Mail Service 'Mail' bound to java:/Mail
      [Mail Service] Started
      [Jetty] Starting
      [Jetty] Starting (jetty.mortbay.com)
      [Jetty] start HttpServer version Jetty/3.1.RC5
      [Jetty] Started SecurityHandler in WebApplicationContext[/jetty,Jetty3 Demo]
      [Jetty] Jetty Demo Page: init
      [Jetty] JSP: init
      [Jetty] Started ServletHandler in WebApplicationContext[/jetty,Jetty3 Demo]
      [Jetty] Started WebInfProtect
      [Jetty] ResourceHandler started in file:/C:/Jetty/JBossJetty/jetty/webapps/jetty
      [Jetty] Started ResourceHandler in WebApplicationContext[/jetty,Jetty3 Demo]
      [Jetty] Started NotFoundHandler in WebApplicationContext[/jetty,Jetty3 Demo]
      [Jetty] Started ServletHandler in ServletHandlerContext[/cgi-bin]
      [Jetty] Started ForwardHandler in ServletHandlerContext[/]
      [Jetty] Started ServletHandler in ServletHandlerContext[/]
      [Jetty] ResourceHandler started in file:/C:/Jetty/JBossJetty/jetty/etc/dtd/
      [Jetty] Started ResourceHandler in ServletHandlerContext[/]
      [Jetty] ResourceHandler started in file:/C:/Jetty/JBossJetty/jetty/javadoc/
      [Jetty] Started ResourceHandler in ServletHandlerContext[/javadoc]
      [Jetty] Started ForwardHandler in ServletHandlerContext[/demo]
      [Jetty] Started ServletHandler in ServletHandlerContext[/demo]
      [Jetty] ResourceHandler started in file:/C:/Jetty/JBossJetty/jetty/docroot/
      [Jetty] Started ResourceHandler in ServletHandlerContext[/demo]
      [Jetty] Started DumpHandler in ServletHandlerContext[/demo]
      [Jetty] Started SocketListener on
      [Jetty] Started successfully
      [Jetty] Started
      [Jetty] start HttpServer version Jetty/3.1.RC5
      [Jetty] Already started on
      [Jetty] Started SocketListener on
      [Jetty] classpath set while started
      [Jetty] Started WebInfProtect
      [Service Control] Started 34 services
      [Default] JBoss 2.2.2 Started in 0m:6s

        • 1. Re: jboss-jetty     http://localhost:8080/jboss/ ....not wor
          Jules Gosnell Novice

          have you deployed anything to this context (/jboss) ?

          If not, you're not going to see anything there.

          the 2.2 bundle is ancient now. Unless you have a very specific requirement, you should go to the most recent 2.4 based bundle. Jetty support is much better here.

          One day I will find the time to review the documentation - up until now, I'm afraid that I haven't had the time.

          if you find inaccuracies in it, please submit them to it's maintainer.