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    jetty && JSP 1.1?

    Manuel Alzola Newbie

      Hello, I´m using JBoss with embebbed Jetty, which claims to support JSP 1.1 but when running a JSP with

      <jsp:include="myUrl" flush="false"> I get the following error:

      org.apache.jasper.compiler.CompileException: D:\TOOLS\Servers\JBoss-2.4.0_Jetty-3.1.RC8-1\jboss\tmp\deploy\Default\hl.ear\web1001\filestable.jsp(7,8) JASPER: jsp:include page="..." flush="true" es la unica combinacion valida en JSP 1.0

      Do I have to get a different version of Jasper?
      Can I configure the JSP version of the page?
      Thanks in Advance

      Manuel Alzola