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    Tomcat won't start anymore OutOfMemoryError

    Franck Routier Newbie


      I have a problem with Tomcat that I am unable to track down (I am not a very skilled java user...)

      When I launch Tomcat alone, be it 3.3-b2 or 4.0-rc1, I get an OutOfMemoryError exception on startup, while it is reading xml or properties files... It doesn't start.

      The interesting point is that Tomcat 3.2.3, as included with JBoss 2.4.0, works. But the same Tomcat 3.2.3 as included with JBoss 2.4.1 gives me the error described above (everythinbg starts except Tomcat)!

      I tried to find differences in Tomcat's server.xml files but didn't succed.

      I work under Debian GNU Linux, kernel 2.4.4, JDK Blackdown 1.3.0-RCS, native threads, with 384 Mb of RAM.

      Both netbeans, Jbuilder and the once open-sourced EnhydraEntreprise work fine on the box.

      Doesn't anybody have a clue on what get changed with Tomcat between JBoss2.4.0-Tomcat and JBoss2.4.1-Tomcat, or even better, does anyone know the fix !?



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          Franck Routier Newbie

          Not to reply to my post but I found this on the FAQ forum and thing it might be related :

          The problem is that in Tomcat 3.x you have to put your parsers in the classpath before everything else becouse they are no relying on system properties to decide which parser to use. There is an explanation on how to to this is tomcat´s archives. In Tomcat 4.x the parser loaded by Tomcat for it´s own use does not conflict on the parser used by applications. The problem is solved in last version of JBOSS by using system properties to define which parser to use. I´ll look for the archives and post them later.

          Is it related or am I wrong ?
          If it is, where can I tell what xml parser Tomcat should use on startup ?
          And why does it crash (is it a jvm related problem ?)