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    multiple war

    roberto roberto Novice

      How can i deploy (in an EAR) multiple WAR on the same context root ?

      WARs not contains duplicate files

      thank you


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          Erik Turesson Novice


          Does anybody have an answer to this question?
          I would like to have two war files within one .ear file.
          The first warfile has root-context set to / and virtual-host to www.something.com. Is it possible to configure the next .war file to root-context / or maybe /somethingelse but to the same virtual-host as the first .war file?

          What I would like to achive is to have one war file with generic jsp/servlets and one with custom specific.


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            roberto roberto Novice

            no one reply me....
            In this period i haven't found a solution...
            If u have any idea, post it..

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              klutus Newbie

              Roberto, if I get your problem right, you want this:



              And without deplying WAR1 several times?


              I'm not an expert bu try this:

              deploy war1 in the root of the deplyment directpry adding virtua hosts to both server1 and server2. This is easist done by adding listeners in the jetty-web.xml

              then add the other WARS with virtual hosts set only to server1 repsctively server2.

              in the jboss-web.xml in each WAR you set the context like this :


              remeber to only have one root context on each virtual host...

              hope this helps

              // Jan