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    javax.servlet.ServletException: METHOD IS NOT FOUND

    Therese Söderlund Newbie


      I'm using the prebuilt embedded tomcat jboss version (tomcat 3.2.3/Jboss 2.4.0) for w2k. I'm
      having trouble with jboss not mapping the bean functions for one of my jar files. When I look
      in the server log I can see that for another of my jar-files(which contain a stateless sessionbean)
      a get the following lines during deployment
      [Container factory] Mapped Container method remove HASH -1842617161
      [Container factory] Mapped Container method getEJBHome HASH -993218923
      [Container factory] Mapped Container method getHandle HASH 1182305581
      [Container factory] Mapped Container method getPrimaryKey HASH -131865408
      [Container factory] Mapped Container method isIdentical HASH 285457048
      [Container factory] Mapped dollarToYen 1431803855to public double newtest.ConverterEJB.dollarToYen(double)
      [Container factory] Mapped yenToEuro 1916964174to public double newtest.ConverterEJB.yenToEuro(double)
      [Container factory] Mapping remove
      [Container factory] Mapping remove
      [Container factory] Mapping getEJBMetaData
      [Container factory] Mapping getHomeHandle
      [Container factory] Mapping create

      However for my other jarfile this kind of entries in the log is missing and I suspect that is why a get
      a servlet exception when trying to access my jsp page which calls bean functions.

      Why won't JBoss do this mapping, I haven't found any error anywhere in the server log of jboss