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    problem with mod_webapp

    David Ward Newbie

      Attempting to connect Apache 1.3.19-5 on Red Hat 7.1 to JBoss-2.4.2_Tomcat-4.0...

      Adding these lines to httpd.conf has no problem:

      LoadMoudle webapp_module modules/mod_webapp.so
      AddModule mod_webapp.c
      WebAppConnection conn warp localhost:8008

      However, adding this line:
      WebAppDeploy myapp conn /myapp

      Gives me this error when starting up apache:
      Invalid virtual host name

      Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas how to overcome it?


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          Randy Kemp Newbie

          I am in the process of building the webapp now, so I should have an answer in a few days. However, this is a better question for either the Tomcat users group (jakarta.apache.org) or the apache user list (www.apache.org). Have you tried submitting your questions there, or viewing the Tomcat user archives?

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            David Ward Newbie

            Sorry, all. Took Randy's advice and looked at the tomcad-user list archive. All I had to do to fix it was uncomment the general ServerName directive in my httpd.conf. Seems that mod_webapp cares about this whereas mod_jk didn't. localhost is fine, of course. Thanks, Randy.