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    Do I register/package servlet

    bala Newbie

      I'm a naive programmer to Java. So, plz bear with my questions with respect
      > to jetty. We are using servlet in our application which is using the
      > javascipt files, images and stylesheet which are specified inside the
      > servlet. When we tried to execute the servlet, we're getting HTTP ERROR 404.
      > servlet/<Script File name or image or stylesheet> not found. Is there any
      > configuration problem with our Jboss-jetty setup.
      > We tried in all the browsers I'explorer, Netsccape, Hotjava browser, the
      > same problem. If there any jetty configuration to be made, let me know. We
      > are using default configuration that comes with jboss-jetty.
      > Following version is used JBoss-2.4.1_Jetty-3.1.RC9-1 in Windows 98.
      > We are succeessfully able to run this code in Weblogic. While during our
      > investigation, Internet explorer is not developing temporary files for
      > javascript,images & stylesheet thats included in the servlet. Whereas in the
      > weblogic server, temp files contains html for the servlets and all the
      > included file(.js,.css & images) in the temporary folder.
      > Let me know if any of you guys had the same problem.

      I didn't reigister the servlet, I just copied the servlet classfiles into servlet directory under jetty.

      I was dynamicalled loaded and registered upon first invocation.