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    Ways to speed up startup with tomcat-docs

    Andy Carlson Newbie

      Hi all,

      I just re-packaged my Tomcat docs as a .war and deployed them onto the Embedded Tomcat (Jboss 2.4.3/Tomcat 4). This works fine, but it really slows the startup of JBoss.

      I suspect that there is a lot of 'avoidable' work going on to unpack the WAR file. Is there any way that a WAR can be 'predeployed' if I know that it isnt going to change before I next upgrade JBoss?

      I've tried changing the tomcat mbean's doc root back to a the 'conventional' Tomcat root, which allows the static HTML pages to be displayed OK but breaks all of the active content. I also tried putting the JSP bits in a war and leaving the HTML in the doc root, but the war contents just masked the docroot contents.

      Another thought - why ship the Tomcat docs (and other preconfigured Tomcat apps) in the JBoss package in a location where they are inaccessible by the default configured server? Why not just leave them out and make the download smaller? ... or put them in a WAR so that they work 'straight from the box' in the JBoss embedded configuration (with slow startup).