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    Accessing EJB from Servlet

    James Cook Newbie

      I have RTFM, and a few posts here regarding the process. No luck so far.

      In the jBoss 2.4.3/Tomcat 4.0 download, is <ejb-ref> supported?

      I am currently deploying my EJBs in an EAR file, but my servlets are in a separate WAR file. I have provided the necessary <ejb-ref> entry in my web.xml file and an accompanying jboss-web.xml file.

      When I deploy my WAR file containing servlets, I get no exceptions...all seems well. However, I cannot lookup my EJBs. The JNDI view shows the EJBs, however there is no local JNDI structure for the WAR file? This seems to be the problem, since I assume I should see the java:comp/env tree for the WAR.

      Any help?