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    Tomcat does not serve other files except jsp

    Steve Liu Newbie

      hi all,
      I use JBoss2.4 + Tomcat3.2.3, and the context is tstA
      and under the context root, there are 3 files:
      index.jsp, tst1.jsp, tst2.html, tst3.class

      http://myhost/tstA/index.jsp right
      http://myhost/tstA/tst1.jsp right
      http://myhost/tstA/tst2.html wrong
      http://myhost/tstA/tst3.class wrong

      both test 3 and 4 show "index.jsp".
      it seems that Tomcat only recognize ".jsp" files, and for other kind of files, it just return the "welcome file" instead.

      I know there must be something wrong in my deploy, but after several hours of hard working, I failed to figure it out, anyone who has encoutered this problem, please be kind to give me some clues. thanks a lot.