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    David Treves Newbie

      Hi, I am using JBoss 2.4.3 + Tomcat (the pack offered in jboss.org). Everything was fine, I created some servlets and they integrated wonderfully with the beans I wrote.

      Now, for some reason, which I cannot find, the servlets began today to throw NameNotFoundException when looking for the bean. I checked and the server responses well to a client applications using this JBoss server.

      the name I am looking for is "java:comp/AuthHome", it says that AuthHome is not bound. I can learn from that, that the server responses but does not bound the bean name.

      Can anyone think of a reason why this error occurred?

      Note that I used all JBoss's defaults, I did not add <ejb-ref> tags to the web.xml file, and no context parameters, according to what I read it is made by JBoss.

      Thanks in advance!