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    JBoss web performance

    Rickard Öberg Newbie

      I'm trying out JBoss/Tomcat4. Unfortunately I'm seeing terrible performance due to bad JSP performance in Tomcat4. It's way slower than Orion or Resin.

      And JBoss/Jetty doesn't work well either, since Jetty does not yet support JSP 1.2.

      Are people really satisfied with this? Is someone seeing ok JSP performance? Are you using something other than JSP with JBoss/Tomcat|Jetty?


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          HunterHillegas Newbie

          I don't have major performance problems in that config, though since Apache connectivity isn't currently supported I haven't tested extensively...

          What kind of problems are you having?

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            Gerry Duhig Newbie

            Check your log settings - last time I thought I had a performance problem I had some very verbose logs being created.

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              Rickard Öberg Newbie

              I don't think logs are the problem. It's just a plain JSP that is running. The same JSP in Orion runs waaay faster, to the point where one wonders if something is wrong with Tomcat.

              So, are people really using JSP's with Tomcat? It seems too slow to be bearable...

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                toby cabot Newbie

                > Are you using something
                > other than JSP with JBoss/Tomcat|Jetty?

                Yeah, servlets with the Maverick framework. See http://mav.sf.net/.

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                  Joolz Fawcett Newbie

                  Did you ever sort out what was causing this? I am just porting our application from Orion to Jboss and have exactly the same problem.

                  My JSPs run way slower on Jboss than they do on Orion.

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                    Julian Gosnell Expert

                    There are a couple of possibilities here.

                    1. The obvious one, which I mention purely for the record and not to insult your intelligence... Orion may be precompiling JSPs at deployment time, Jetty doesn't (TC?). So the first time you hit the JSP you pay the price of on-the-fly-compilation. The second time will be faster. There is nothing preventing you from precompiling your JSPs yourself, before deploment.

                    2. Tomcat and Jetty both use the same JSP Engine - Jasper. I believe that Jasper is not the fastest piece of code in the world. It may well be that Orion have invested substantially in their own JSP engine - in which case there is not much we can do except wait for Jasper2 (I have seen rumours), avoid using JSPs, pay for your s/w, or kick off an OpenSource project to write a decent JSP engine (as part of JBoss - of course!).

                    But then, I may have missed something...