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    Please help ! no-cache setting not working

    Navdeep Newbie

      I am out of ideas here. So any help would be appreciated
      I am running an application under JBoss 2.4.3 and tomcat 3.2.3, the application runs fine under windows NT 4.0.
      It seems that despite setting Pragma to no-cache and cache-control to no-cache or even no-store , my generated pages get stored in the browsers cache. Now this would not be a major problem except if you use
      getAppletContext().showDocument method from within a Applet the in IE it will always pick up the page from the cache. Now this does not happen in Orion or Weblogic . I have tried all sort of settings in the httpresponse in my servlet, but the pages still get cached. With the same settings in Orion the Cache directory of IE remains empty.
      Thanks and regards