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    Integrating a different (e.g. not tomcat or Jetty) Web conta

    Ben Turner Newbie

      Has anyone tried integrating a different (e.g. not tomcat / Jetty) web container into Jboss ?

      I have read http://www.jboss.org:80/online-manual/HTML/ch13s22.html but the knowledge there is kind of minimal, and my attempt at integrating our JRun 3.1 server was fairly messy (and a complete failiure).

      So what I was after, really, was an example of integrating JBoss with ANY web container, but especially Jrun, so that they work together as well as the integrated Jboss/Tomcat or JBoss/Jetty downloads.

      Can anyone help with this ?
      Ben Turner
      Web Delevopment