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    Unable to load Frame completely using Jrun 3.1 with IIS

    minhaz Newbie


      We are using Jrun 3.1 for our current web application project.
      We have our home page screen - html frame(with 3 screens) which is unable to be loaded completely with jrun 3.1 and IIS 5.0 web server.

      windows status bar says "opening the page .....".
      status bar does not say "done" unless until we say stop the browser
      or refreshing it.

      But when I access the same page using Jrun 3.1 default web server,
      it is loading properly, no such problem.

      Also when I tried with jrun 3.0 with IIS 5.0, it is working fine,
      as well with tomcat 3.3/resin etc.

      I need to know what could be the problem with Jrun 3.1 and IIS 5.0
      we are going to suggest our client to go for jrun 3.1 server if this problem get solved.