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    Sascha Dechert Newbie


      i wrote an manifest.mf file and put it in the meta-inf directory of my .ear file.

      the ear contains a war, a jar (bean) and a seconde jar archive which contains some setting xml-files and some other classes and i want to access them from the war-servlet.

      this is now what my manifest.mf looks like (i wrote it somehow similar like it is in the specs) but it still doesn't work:
      lcmbean.jar Class-Path: lcmlib.jar
      lcmservlet.war Class-Path: lcmlib.jar
      all these files are in the ear-file. while deploying jboss throws this error:

      [AutoDeployer] org.jboss.deployment.J2eeDeploymentException: Error in accessing application metadata: invalid header field

      I am using JBoss-2.4.1_Tomcat-3.2.3 (the tomcat within jboss).

      Someone knows a solution or what i did wrong?

      Greets from rainy and cold germany

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          Mikael Eriksson Novice

          Your ear file probably does not need an manifest.mf file. And as it says..., the syntax is wrong.

          Hovewer, the individual jar and war files might need manifests.

          For example since you want the lcmbean.jar to have lcmlib.jar in its classpath, the manifest file for lcmbean.jar would be like:

          Manifest-Version: 1.0
          Created-By: notepad
          Class-Path: lcmlib.jar

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            Andreas Schaefer Apprentice

            Did you provide a "application.xml" file placed in "/META-INF" directory of you EAR file ?

            If not then you have to provide one.

            The manifest.mf is not necessary for EAR files and will not be used. Note that WAR files must contain client code (EJB-Home and Remote interfaces etc.) in either "/WEB-INF/classes" if you provide it as class files or "/WEB-INF/lib" if you provide it in a JAR file. "/WEB-INF/lib" seems to give some problems with some Tomcat versions therefore the best bet is to unjar your JAR files and put these classes into "/WEB-INF/classes".


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              Sascha Dechert Newbie

              hi again.

              i put the interfaces in web-inf/classes and this is working. my problem is, that all the files which are not classes, like some config-xml-files are not in the class-path when putting them into the web-inf/classes and so i tried to get this done with the manifest.mf in the ear. but if you say that i should put these into war and/or bean-jar file i will try this. i will tell if that helped or not :)

              btw. do you know that this problem with the web-inf/lib is solved in the latest version of tomcat? (tomcat together with jboss) coz i also expirienced that jar in the web-inf/lib are not working properly.

              Thanks so far for your time and a nice weekend.


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                Sascha Dechert Newbie

                still not working. i put now the xml-files into the lcmlib.jar with the correct path and wrote into the lcmbean.jar the manifest.mf, just as you said, but i still can't access the xml-files in the lcmlib.jar.

                did i something wrong?


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                  Sascha Dechert Newbie

                  it is working now. i put the manifest.mf in the war and jar files and deleted it from the ear. the problem was also that the documentation i read was out of date.

                  Thanks for your help

                  Greets Sascha