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    New MVC framework : WebCtl

    Herve Tchepannou Newbie

      WebCtl is a framework for building web based J2EE applications.
      This framework has been build with one goal in mind: SIMPLICITY
      - WebCtl is for EVERY body. Don't need to be a J2EE guru. No need to use Entity, Session beans etc. Just use standard JavaBeans ( for business logic ) and Java Server Pages ( for user interface ).
      - The API si tiny ( ~30K ): No need to learn tons of classes.
      - Simple architechture based on well known design patterns like: Model-View-Controller, Command, Publish-Subscribe

      - Central Servlet that dispatch user request to Command objects
      - Execution of Command object within EJB context
      - Support of asynchronous processing via JMS and Message Driven Beans

      Check it at http://pages.infinit.net/bansi/webctl