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    Tomcat 4 - CORBA connection hangs

    Rolf C Stadheim Newbie

      I have an annoying problem, that might spell doom for my Tomcat 4.0 application.

      The application is a pure Servlet app that communicates with an Oracle database and an Interbase database through CORBA (Orbacus 4.1).

      The problem is that at any moment the servlet-to-corba connection hangs, and I have to Ctrl-C in the console for the Corba server (Omniorb 3.0.4 for C++).

      I have used this Omniorb/Orbacus combination (with the same C++ server implementation) in other Java applications (Swing) without any problems of this sort, and this combination has proven itself very stable.

      Tomcat by itself is also very stable without any problems, so there must be some problems with the communication between Tomcat and CORBA.

      Anybody got any clue as to what could be wrong?

      Any ideas/hints/pointers very welcome!

      I'm running Tomcat 4.0 standalone on Windows 2000, with Interbase on the same machine, and Oracle 7.3 on another Windows NT 4.0 machine.