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    taglibs on jboss/jetty 2.4.3/3.1.1

    Pavel Cholakov Newbie


      I created my own tag library and I can access it from within my JSPs. I put the tag-classes in WEB-INF/classes/. Now the problem is that whenever I recompile a tag-class, the server does not pick that up - apparently the class loader does some sort of caching, because even if I delete the .class file, the JSP still works :-) I'm obviously missing something, but I can't find any docs on the subject. It's just not possible to do taglib development this way, any pointers or help is very much appreciated.

      Thank you.

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          Jules Gosnell Novice

          2.4.3/3.1.1 is not the latest 2.4 release - this is 3.1.3 based.

          Confirm the problem on a more recent build, if you want me to take a look at it (up-to-date RH cvs or 2.4.3/3.1.3).

          How are you deploying you app ?

          As an ear or war, or unpacked directory hierarchy?

          How about a log of the thing redeploying ?

          have you tried touching the descriptors (if you are running from a dir hier - which I assume you are)?


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            Pavel Cholakov Newbie

            the jsp's are in a directory which is added manually in jetty.xml as a webapp.

            well, my question really is what ways exist to force the web container to reload the tag-libraries, other than restarting the whole server?


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              randy Newbie

              I got the Interest-client app to run on a different box, so I guess the procedure to run a jsp (thus tomcat) on a different server would be the same.

              I had to copy the contents of the JBOSS_DIST/client dir to an accessible location so I could build the client app (I still can't find the jar that contains the javax.rmi.PortableRemoteObject class, but this works). This allowed me to compile, but not run the app. The second thing was to tweek the resource file for the client (under examples/resource, called jndi.properties). I tweeked the java.naming.provider.url from localhost to my jboss server. Now this app runs on a seperate machine. I just got to figure out how to map this to a jsp container.

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                Jules Gosnell Novice

                Don't use the jetty.xml - it's the proprietary mechanism that standalone Jetty uses. The point about the integration is it connects Jetty to a number of useful pieces of JBoss infrastructure, including the J2EEDeployer.

                If you use the jetty.xml you are constrained to Jetty features. This does not include reloading of altered webapps. If you have to do it this way, you can load up the admin servlet and stop/start your webapp with that. This will reload it.

                If you want to do things the JBoss way, hot-deploy your ear/war file by copying into jboss/deploy. I know, the development iteration is slower because of all the [un]jarring - well in the forthcoming 2.4.4 release I believe you can run unpacked ears and have them reloaded dynamically.

                I hope that answers you question.