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    nasty problem, hang up with 100% CPU usage

    Wolf-Dieter Fink Master


      we have a nasty problem with our application which runs in a JBoss/Tomcat ApplicationServer.

      after a while (sporadicaly) JBoss does not response, or is very slow, for every client.
      If i look after the system (linux RedHat 6.2) one of the java-processes take 100% of CPU.
      It is the third process in the list (e.g):
      PID PPID
      1108 1 ==> started java -server -D. . .
      1151 1108
      1152 1151 ==> this is the process with 100%
      115? 1151 more than 80 processes . .

      If this problem occurs I can't stop the server 1108 with SIGHUP.
      Only if I do a kill -9 1152 after, the server shut down.

      Server runs on Linux RedHat 6.2 / javaVM StandardEdition HotSpot 1.3.1-b24 JBoss-2.2.2_Tomcat-3.2.2
      Our application : EJB 15*CMP-Entity 20*Session 1*StatefulSession and a couple of JSP-pages

      anyone with any idea ?