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    html & gif in EAR not found

    Travis J. Close Newbie


      This question is concerning deploying an EAR containing a WAR. My WAR has jsp, html, & gif images. When deployed under jboss, I am only able to access the jsp files.

      I ended up puting my html and images under my Apache documents directory, which is totaly crazy.

      Is there a way to access my html and gif's when I simply deploy my ear to jboss? I'm using jboss declaritive security, so it would be crazy to put my files in another location. These files are part of my application...I should be able to keep them all together.


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          Luke Taylor Novice

          You can (keep them together).

          This sounds highly like you have some incorrect paths somewhere in your web application and has probably nothing to do with JBoss. Are you referencing them correctly relative to the app context?

          Have you deployed your web application successfully in another container or in tomcat to test it?

          In any case, it's impossible to give any useful feedback unless you describe what your setup actually is...