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    Contents of the War/Jar files that gets deployed to Tomcat

    Tito Burgos Newbie

      I'm new to the world of J2EE, EJB, JBOSS, Tomcat. I have been trying to figure things out for the past couple of weeks, I wish some how-to's where written on JBOSS and Tomcat deployment/inter-operability. I'm using JBoss 2.4.3 and Tomcat/Catalina 4.0.1 unbundled. I think I manage to deploy a EJB Jar file to JBoss successfully, now i'm trying to create a JSP page that accesses that EJB (not using a javabean for now). Besides the JSP page, I understand that I also need to include the EBJ Jar file deployed to JBoss in the WAR file that will be deployed to Tomcat so that the JSP can compile. Is this correct? Do I need to include any JBoss jar files also? If so what are they?

      Any help will really be appreciated. TIA