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    HTTP Session State Replication

    kubo kushi Newbie

      How does HTTP Session State Replication works in JBoss ? Please advise on performance and ease of setting it up ?

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          Jules Gosnell Novice

          This is under development at the moment.

          you should see some movement on it over the next 3-4 days if you keep an eye on the dev list.


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            kubo kushi Newbie

            Thanks Jules. Can you please advise how to get to the dev list.



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              Jules Gosnell Novice

              If you have a look round the JBoss project on SourceForge (www.sf.net) you should be able to figure it out.

              Be warned though, it will fill up your mail box very quickly, there are lots of cvs commits echoed to this list.

              I checked in a very early version of this stuff last week, and am still working on it, but you're welcome to have a look.

              Update your 3.0 tree and look in plugins/jetty for jetty-ejb.jar. If you copy this to deploy/ things should start to work for you.

              I would be interested in any feedback that you have - this is at an early stage at the moment. It simply tries to implement the 2.3 spec to allow migration of sessions.

              If you want know more, read the section in the spec (2.3) on distributed sessions, try deploying the jar and then deploying your webapp, setting up a session, and redeploying your webapp. If the session is still there you are in luck.

              A couple of caveats.

              1. Session ids are currently only guaranteed unique within a process, not a cluster.

              2. Orphanned sessions are not yet garbage collected.

              3. This is NOT a commercial grade implementation - more a preliminary exploratory foray.



              Don't forget to mention in you web.xml that your servlet is distributed or nothing will happen.


              If you are interested more in failsafe aspects, you will have to wait for the cut. The current one implements just the spec which expects a controlled shutdown of the last webapp instance, before the session is passivated.