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    Does the a4j:repeat example really works ???

    ed bras Newbie


      I am using the a4j:repeater to do exactly the same as in the example on the web: expanding/collapsing cells.
      However, the example doesn't work in my configuration with the latests stabel myfaces and facelets.
      I found out that it wasn't working in my own app.
      Then copied finally the example and tried it... but still it's not collapsing.
      What I noticed is that it successfully generates both keys that need to be updated, and the items successfully return false/true when asked for their expanced state.. but then only the cell that need to be expanded, will expand, but the one that need to be collapse, is doing something, but it never collapse, untill I explitely click it two times.
      What i mean with "it is doing somethign" is that the status is running, but it never stops.... that is, it keep on telling that it is "requesting"...

      Weird... :(...
      If you have any idea what this could be, please let me know,, as it realy drives me crazy...
      BTW: I am using Firefox.. if that matters..