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    Custom HTTP Status 500 Error Response

    Richard Bottoms Newbie

      Where would I set up a custom HTTP Status 500 status error response page(s). I want to deploy/remove applications as needed. Users should then receive a special page or be redirected if the app is missing.


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          Adrian Brock Master

          Here is one solution.

          1) Create a "root" deployment.
          There already is one in catalina/webapps/ROOT

          2) Add the error page
          In that folder create error.html

          3) in WEB-INF/web-xml add the line
          Choose error codes to suite. With the root context present you will now get 404 instead of 500 for
          missing deployments.

          4) Deployment
          In the folder
          jar cf .war *
          this is a trick (no prefix means it is deployed as "/")
          Copy .war into jboss/deploy
          You should now have the jakarta example page and a 404
          error page.

          NOTE: If you deploy something else e.g.
          tomcat-test.ear it will not use the error page,
          it has its own web.xml