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    Same VM pass by reference in Jboss2.4.4/Tomcat3.2.3 ??

    Nick Ganju Newbie

      When upgrading from an old version, I seem to have lost the ability to pass objects by reference. Reading through an old post, it seems I have to deploy an ear file with only one copy of each class file.

      I am currently not making a war file, I just have a base,uncompressed directory which I make the document root for Tomcat. I then put the classes I need in the WEB-INF/classes subdirectory of that document root. I have a separate ejb jar file which I dump in to jboss/deploy to get my ejb's online.

      In previous versions of jboss, if I had the same java class file in the ejb jar file and in the tomcat document root's WEB-INF/classes directory, the VM would pass by reference. Is there some way I can keep my current configuration, or do I have to start making ear files?

      And if so, what is the proper method to create an ear file so that I can get pass-by-reference? Do I need to avoid having multiple copies of a java class within an ear file, i.e. one copy of the class in the .war file inside the ear and another copy of the same class inside the ejb .jar file inside the ear file?