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    Problem with Jetty not redeploying WARs

    Matthew Palmer Newbie

      Hi everyone.

      I'm using JBoss 3.0.0 alpha (I think the 1/3/2002 build) and I'm running it on Windows 2000. I have a real simple WAR file that I deploy with some classes and JSPs. Now it all works great until I make a change to a JSP and redeploy it. I have an ANT build file that simply copies the new WAR file into the deploy directory in JBoss. So it says it destroys the old WAR file and deploys the new WAR file. But when I try to reload the web page in my browser it comes up as the same unchanged page. Now the strange thing about this was that I seem to recall it getting updated just fine a couple weeks ago. It's not a browser cache problem. After trying to figure out what was happening and looking at the log files, I figured out that Jetty is using my Windows TEMP directory and caching the JSP java and class files in there. And when I redeploy WAR files, those files just remain there and Jetty continues to use them until I simply delete all the files in that TEMP directory. Oh, it actually creates a directory inside my temp directory, so it puts an index$jsp.java and a index$jsp.class file in there. And as soon as I delete those, Jetty will go ahead and recompile the JSPs and put the new java and class file in that temp directory and use those until they're deleted. Anyway, I'm sure that I used to be able to just make a change and redeploy it and Jetty would recompile the JSPs for me. Has something changed in Jetty or JBoss that changes that? Or could I possibly have just not set up something correctly?