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    Redirect/Forward Not working for multipart/form-data - worka

    jimotte Newbie

      I have a jsp that posts to a control servlet a file to be uploaded- content type multipart/form-data- the problem is that if it throws an error in my request processing I want to redirect to an error.jsp. This works fine in Netscape but IE completely chokes. Even if I have a simple
      public void doPost(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)
      throws ServletException, IOException{


      IE will not redirect it!!
      The only away around this I have found is to actually read in the whole InputStream and then I can redirect- IE seems to wait for this reading before I can redirect- RequestDispatcher().forward is the same-
      My ?:
      Does anyone know how I can redirect or forward the response without reading in the whole uploaded file (whih I'm trying to avoid)?????