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    the root (/) of Jetty

    Stefan ALEXA Newbie

      Maybe sounds dumb but where is the root of Jetty4 in jboss RH. For every war it seems like the specs are implemented (url-pattern is working) but if I simply want to populate the root where should I put my html files.

      Another odd thing , if you comment out the SSL in Jetty you must have have etc/demokeystore in JettyHome (dummy in CVS download) that translates to: dummy/etc/demokeystore. Everithing is ok but where to place dummy/etc/demokeystore ? After 100 guesses (no is not deploy) it is … bin – what kind of twisted mind ….

      Anyway the guys that integrated Jetty to Jboss may have an idea where I must put the ROOT (/) ?

      Thank you,