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    Dynamically Rendered - t:selectManyListbox - SelectItemGroup

    Matthew Fischer Newbie

      I have a t:selectManyListbox in a panelGrid that I am rendering dynamically by clicking an a4j:commandLink. I have required="true".

      I am trying to use SelectItemGroups but when the panelGrid is rendered dyamically, I get the message that required item not selected upon submitting the form.

      When I use replace SelectItemGroup with SelectItem, no problems.

      If I cut and paste the exact same code in a test page and have it rendered initially (not dymically rendered via an ajax call)...everything works fine with SelectItemGroups.

      I am pretty sure I am reRendering the entire form.

      Same code works in IE but not FireFox.

      Any thoughts?

      Some code included below.

      Page to include:

      <h:form style="margin: 0; padding: 0;">
       <f:subview id="moveLbox" rendered="#{lightboxUtilsBean.showPanel['lightboxMove']}">
       <jsp:include page="/lightbox/secure/panellightboxmove.jsp" />

      Ajax to reRender jsp:
      <t:commandLink value="#{bundle.manage}" action="#{lightboxUtilsBean.manage}"
       title="#{bundle.manageLightbox}" id="lightboxManage" forceId="true"
       immediate="true" />

      <t:selectManyListbox id="moveBoxes" forceId="true"
       style="border: 1px solid #06F; padding: 1px; font-size: 100%;"
       converter="Lightbox" required="true"
       title="#{bundle.lightboxPublished}" size="10" escape="false">
       <f:selectItems value="#{lightboxBean.userLightboxesReceived}" />