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    Catalina JBoss and servlet management

    Eric Newbie

      I understand that one goal of embedding Catalina in Jboss is to respect the Jboss philosophy to keep the management from inside Jboss rather than delegate it to deployed components.

      I have however came through an issue which is to manage my servlets when I deploy Catalina on Jboss. The guy who can maitain my servlets is clearly the servlet container, for various reasons:
      1/ he is the container... and obviously knows about what he is doing ;-)
      2/ Catalina has its own class loader and manages things the way it wants. If I'm sitting outside in an MBean, I'll have serialized information coming in from my servlets, and it's painful to really interact with my servlets.

      Catalina comes with its manager (minimal but still efficient). I don't know how to deploy it (J2ee deployment) since it requires some security priviledges (maybe there is a way to do so....). So I cannot make my /manager/list work. In fact, I had to modify the class EmbeddedCatalinaServiceSX in its initHttpConnector method to add stuff like:

      Context managerContext = catalina.createContext("/manager", "webapps/manager");

      I can post the full modifications I made to load Catalina with the manager enabled if you're interested.

      This does not solve my need on "fully" managing my servlets since Catalina's manager is a bit sketchy. I still wonder what's the best way to do so... through JBoss? or through the container?