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    Loading Precompiled JSPs

    Kent Henneuse Newbie

      RH Linux 7.2
      JBoss 2.4.3
      Tomcat 3.2.3 (Embedded)

      How do I get JBoss and Tomcat to use the precompiled
      jsps in the war and not recompile?

      I have figured out how to get the jsps precompiled and
      now have them loaded into a war that I am putting in an

      The raw jsps are in the war file so I can get things to
      load and the compiled jsps are in the war under
      WEB_INF/classes in the appropriate structure. What does
      it take to get Tomcat to use the ones in classes? Do
      I need to put something in web.xml and remove the raw jsps
      from the war?

      All help welcomed.